Porto Ricerca is a leading supplier of
Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation technology (CFD)

Portoricerca Fluid Dynamic simulation technology Counter rotating propeller
Portoricerca Fluid Dynamic simulation technology in racing sail boat
Portoricerca Fluid Dynamic simulation technology aircraft

Let PORTO RICERCA accelerate your design efforts saving you time and money!

Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation technology (CFD) allowing companies to:

  • Reduce development cost.
  • Reduce development and production times.
  • Gain new insights into how their products perform in action.
  • Gain exparience of the Fluid Dynamic characteristic of their products.

A unique combination of analytical and experimental skills for aerodynamic problem solving

For each task the most applicable calculation procedure is adapted and applied.

The consultancy has access to its own extensive computer facilities and software for solving almost any aerodynamic problem.

Porto Ricerca is a highly experienced independent organisation offering engineering consultancy services on all aspects of aerodynamic design, analysis, calculations and test assistance.

Consulting Solution


Complete analysis for a 60 foot racing sail boat.

  • Final shape optimisation, design and drawings.
  • Performance calculations.
  • Technical assistant and support during sail tests.

Complete aerodynamic design of the Musa High Speed Ultralight aircraft.

  • Design of airfoils., wings, tail and high lift systems.
  • Analysis of static and dynamic stability and controls.
  • Performance calculations..

Complete aerodynamic design of sports production car.

  • Analysis and design of ailerons and airfoils, nose, radiator and air inlet.
  • Design of mid, rear and bottom car shapes.
  • Ground effect and stalled area optimisation performance calculations.


Design support .
Aerodynamic calculations .
Wind tunnel testing .
Flight test data analysis .

Aircraft preliminary design support, including performance, sizing, stability and control studies.

Mission performance calculations, including take-off, climb, cruise and landing optimisation.

Flight test data analysis, including performance, stall characteristics and handling qualities.

High lift system design.

Two-dimensional airfoil and three-dimensional wing design.

Wind tunnel testing support and execution, via sub-contractors.

Drag reduction using computational and experimental methods.

Engine air inlet design.

Three-dimensional full configuration aerodynamic calculations.

Incing Collection Analysis.

Aerodynamic load calculations.

Stores separation analysis.


Porto Ricerca Snc
Fluid Dynamics Specialist

Ing. Alberto Porto
Ing. Massimiliano Fontana

Company that conducts research
in the field of fluid dynamics

Established in 1995 Porto Ricerca is a privately owned Italian partnership of engineers that have an average of 12 years experience and skills in the aerodynamics sector.
Porto Ricerca is a Company that conducts research in the field of fluid dynamics; The company has gained considerable experience in the sector.

It has already realized numerous designs of keels, wing profiles, ailerons for race cars, aeroplane wings, race cars and high performance aircraft. Due to the know-how we have acquired, we work extensively in the sector of fluid dynamics as applied to the ventilation and to the design of hulls for Sail boats.

The firm uses software which is well known in the industry. Vsaero and Xfoil are some of the programs with which it is possible to have numerical simulation of a wind tunnel, with good accuracy and notable clarity in the interpretation of the results.

Porto Ricerca represents the company Analytical Methods Inc., leader in the sector of numerical fluid dynamics.

Among Porto Ricerca customers are: Aerea, Aermacchi, Agusta, Meteor, Minardi F1, Ferrari F1, Fincantieri di Genova, Piaggio Aero Industries, Picchio, Pilatus, Pininfarina, Prada Challenger, Studio Frers, Università di Perugia, Università di Torino, Università di Forli, VulcanAir and other companies.

Porto Ricerca Snc
Fluid Dynamics Specialist

Ing. Alberto Porto
Ing. Massimiliano Fontana



University of Bologna (Italy)
Università di Perugia (Italy)
University of Rome (Italy)
Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Johannes Kepler Universitaet (University of Linz - Austria)
University of Warsaw (Poland)

Ferrari F1 (Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing
Minardi F1(Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing
Pininfarina (Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing
Picchio (Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing
Turchetti Atomobili (Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing
Aris Spa (Italy): Military vehicles Manufacturing
Pagani Automobili (Italy): Automobile Research/Manufacturing

CETENA (Italy): (Ship Research)
Fincantieri di Genova (Italy): Shipbuilder/ResearchStudio
Frers (Italy): Yacht Designers
Prada Challenger (Italy):
Juan Design (Spain): Yacht Designer
Victory Challenge (Sweden): America’s Cup Challenger -
Emirates Team New Zealand (New Zealand): America’s Cup Challenger

Agusta-Westland (Italy/GB)

Aerea (Italy)
Meteor – Galileo Avionica (Italy)
Pilatus (Switzerland)
VulcanAir (Italy)
Cira (Italy)
Piaggio Aeroindustries (Italy)
Aermacchi Spa (Italy)
Thales Alenia Space (Italy)


Company that conducts research
in the field of fluid dynamics

Analytical Methods, Inc. has provided Computational Fluid Dynamics software and consulting services

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